(alternative title: PORTRAIT OF EVIL)

Genre: Fantasy / Horror
Director: Dave Rosenbaum
Producer: Steven Gordon
Cast: Josh Duhamel (NBC'S Las Vegas, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton)
Running Time: 90 mins
Year of Production: 2004  Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Delivery Status: Completed

One of the world's most scandalous and intriguing classics, The Picture of Dorian Gray, lives on. From the dramatic genius of Oscar Wilde comes a new film where corruption, romance, revenge and redemption collide.

Dorian Gray (Emmy Award winning Josh Duhamel, NBC's Las Vegas, How to Win a Date with Tad Hamilton) arrives a pure young man at the studio of his friend, painter Basil Ward, but is slowly corrupted by the cynical Harry Wotton. Spellbound before his newly painted portrait, Dorian utters a fateful wish: In exchange for eternal youth, he gives up his soul.

For many decades, Dorian tries to watch impassively as he brings misery and death to those who love him. But the portrait is always watching him, and becomes increasingly more hideous by the marks of sin. It confronts Dorian with the reflection of his fall from grace. With madness in his veins, Dorian makes the ultimate sacrifice, vainly attempting to return his portrait to its youthful splendor.

In a cautionary tale of self-destruction from a master storyteller, Oscar Wilde's masterpiece has warned generations of the horrific pitfalls of vanity and greed, and their deadly consequences.


American World Pictures presents
Josh Duhamel
Rainer Judd   Branden Waugh   Darby Stanchfield   Brian Durkin
edited by Nadia Naimi  Anja Siemens
sound designed by Mark Lanza   music by Penka Kouneva
production designed by Boryana Semerdjieva
director of photography Voythech Todorow
executive producers Lawrence & Barbara Rosenbaum
and Worldwide Entertainment
produced by Steven Gordon  Methodius Petrikov  Reyna Rosenshein
based on the novel by Oscar Wilde
written & directed by David Rosenbaum


© 2007 American World Pictures